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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Your Baby is Not Weaning

  (Okay, I started this post weeks ago, spaced out, got distracted, forgot, and spaced out again. Then I got a reply to an old post  and wondered where it came from , So I stalked them (ok I checked my traffic source and saw a whole 14 people saw my blog!! instead of my usual 0)  and remembered my belly was published the other day !!  So if you want to see my belly or some very funny posts follow this link!!! )

Hi you,
            Do I know you?  Of course you are me 9 years ago! Your baby is about 6 months old and all of a sudden no longer wants to nurse; you are scared she will starve. You see those bottle fed babies who are not having these issues , and you figure well nursing was fun I guess she is weaning . You are a little sad at the thought, but you want a happy growing baby, so you decide to formula feed............

         Your baby is NOT weaning this is a perfectly normal stop on your Breastfeeding journey.  Every thing in your heart is screaming that stopping nursing is not right listen to it. Breast fed babies do not self wean before AT LEAST a year old.  What you are experiencing is a common nursing protest, they can be caused by teething, distraction, common growing pains, exhaustion, and so much more.

“Here are some reasons your baby may go on a nursing strike:
·         Mouth pain from teething, a cold sore, or an infection (such as thrush)
·         An ear infection, which may cause pressure or pain while nursing
·         cold or stuffy nose, which can make breathing difficult while nursing
·         Reduced milk supply or a slow letdown
·         A major disruption in your baby's nursing routine or schedule
·         If your teething baby has bitten you and your reaction startled him, he may be afraid to nurse after that.
·         A change in soap or other toiletry that causes you to smell different to your baby
·         A change in the taste of your milk, caused by a vitamin or drug or by hormonal changes (from pregnancy or your period, for example)”

(Natalie Walker Whitlock )
There are some things you can do to help, In my advice it would be to keep offering the breast or a bottle of expressed Breast Milk  to keep your supply up  and to feed the baby , What I would not do is go out and buy formula  (like I did when Egirl was a newbie) 
“Try nursing when the baby is asleep or very sleepy, such as during the night or while napping. Many babies who refuse to nurse when they are awake will nurse when they are sleepy.
Vary nursing positions. Some babies will refuse to nurse in one position but take the breast in another.
Nurse when in motion. Some babies are more likely to nurse when rocking or walking rather than sitting or standing still.
Nurse in an environment that is free from distractions. Some babies, especially babies older than three months or so, may be easily distracted. Turn off the radio and television, and try nursing in a quiet, darkened room.
Give the baby extra attention and skin-to-skin contact. Focused attention and extra touching are comforting to both mother and baby. When offering the breast, whenever possible undress to the waist and clothe the baby in just a diaper. Use a shawl or blanket around both of you if the room is chilly.
A baby sling or carrier can help keep the baby close between attempts to nurse. Taking warm baths together can also be soothing. Sleeping together provides extra closeness and more opportunities to nurse while the baby is sleeping.”[SIC] (Mohrbacher)

I truly hope that no matter what you do , you DONOT give up.  Nursing is so rewarding!!

Happy Feeding,

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I would like to thank Boogie’s Mama and Chell   for ensuring that this blog is of top most grammar and spelling perfection, I would also like to thank Anonymous   for inspiring me to write this like a psych 101 paper!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We are here to help!

Hello everyone. If you've stumbled upon this blog your likely a breast feeding mother, possibly a new mom or an expectant mom. . Either way the B Fairy and I are here to help! Neither of us are a certified LC or claim to be. However we are both mothers with experience and a passion for breast feeding!
I'd like to make my first post to the blog and introduce myself.
First of all my name is Chell, I am a stay at home mom and mother of two! My oldest booby baby's name is Josephine and she is 29 months old, and yes. . . Hold your breath. . . She is still breast fed. . My youngest monsters name is Linux he is 3 months old, and a champion nurser. ;)

We've overcome many obstacles on our breast feeding journey, from being a first time mom, dealing with a baby with heart problems resulting in a long hospital stay when she was a new born, and all of the little things that go with the territory. Biting, engorged boobs, a bad latch, nipple confusion, and everything in between. We've over come it all and now I'm here to help you!

If you have any questions please ask so we can help (:

5 Reasons/Ways Babies Consent to Breastfeeding

                   I wasn't going to even give  this person a thought in my head. Completely not worth my time , in fact don't follow the link. However some one said to me how it could affect a mom who is just starting out, and that made sense to me . So I decided to ask a baby  (The baby I asked  is probably mentally on the same level as her, and her "information" about germs, and highly scientific "poll"  conducted to students)
So take it away baby J
1. We do consent  have you ever googled  the breast crawl? Plus when I sleep next to mommy , I will attach my self and I am only 2 months old!

2. Boobs are warm and soft, and I can hear mommy's heart just like when I was in her tummy.  I have tried bottles, but they are nothing like mommy, the milk gets cold .

3.  If you can eat in a restaurant, why can't I ? I don't complain about your slurping, and chewing with your mouth open! Plus your teeth offend me, I don't have any

4.  Germs , Well lady there is no such thing as a germ, There are bacteria and viruses, spores, cells etc.. but not ONE THING named a germ,  But if you are talking about all those microscopic things,  the bacteria on mommy's breasts help my stomach flora form , and her milk kills all the bad stuff! Isn't that cool?  There are more bad bacteria and viruses  on the food you put in your mouth than the boob I put in mine, I have never once heard of a boob being recalled for E.coli  contamination .

5. Look at me or look at mommy we don't care , boobs are food and nothing to be ashamed of. Complement her new nursing bra, or nursing necklace , or ask her about FACTS on breastfeeding. We do it often enough , she knows allot and is proud of me. Plus if you ask her apparently her boobs never looked better!
Now this is embarrassing I got to go I peed my pants.....
Oh damn he decided not to link any of the research, but i guess that is ok she didn't support her's either.
Happy feeding

Monday, February 4, 2013

Boogie's Mama With New Mommy Advice and Tips

There are SO many decisions to make when you find out you're pregnant. One of the easiest ones for me though was the decision to breast feed! First of all, the expense is far less than formula feeding. Most say the ease of breast feeding beats out the ease of formula feeding. And the most important thing is that the baby's immunity system gets a HUGE boost thanks to all of the antibodies excreted through your breast milk. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the knowledge I got that helped me in choosing to breast feed. There are also tips I didn't know that might help keep you sane! 

Everyone would probably quickly agree that breast feeding is far cheaper than formula feeding. If you feed from the tap all day every day (and are lucky enough to be able to stay at home with baby!!) then there are virtually zero expenses! Ok, a few, such as breast pads and nipple cream, and breast shields quickly come to mind... But if you must be a working mommy like myself, there are a few extras like a breast pump and bags for storage and bottles for feeding your little boogie! Those could set you back a bit to get started. However, in the long run, (especially if you use the same pump for more than one child) it's far cheaper than the estimated $1700.00 to formula feed! 

It has been said that breast feeding mothers tends to get on average 45 extra minutes of sleep a night! Take that, sleepless nights!! There are no bottles to warm up in the middle of the night. Nor are there any middle of the night trips to the store because you ran out! You can literally {insert boob, doze while baby is eating, remove boob, tuck away and resume sleeping!} at least that is if you are me and my little boogie! Co-sleeping is our choice of sleeping arrangements (this topic is completely separate from this post, although I will say this was not the intended arrangements for our household, however after being home for a few days we found it to be most beneficial!) It's so nice to NOT have to take 2-4 trips downstairs for bottles when you are already exhausted and in pain from birthing your little human being! 

And don't forget the immunity system boost! Its essentially your baby's first "vaccine" protecting them against illness! If you'd like to read in-depth about this, here ( is a link with excellent information! It's great to know that even though medication cannot yet protect them YOU CAN! That in and of itself makes it worth breastfeeding them those first few days! Expect the colostrum to be thick and yellow-orange (think buttermilk consistency). It's full of nutrients and low in fat. It take very little to fill baby's stomach, so don't stress if they're not eating much the first few days! 

Now that Ive given great info as to why you should breastfeed, let me give you some awesome tips I received that helped me through those first few days.

1. Get baby on breast ASAP! 
    - I know sometimes things come up and it takes a little bit for you to get time with baby. But INSIST that you get your little one for feeding as soon as its possible. Be persistent. Unfortunately my labor ended in an emergency C section because my boogie was in extreme distress, but I insisted that I needed to feed him, and as soon as they had me sown up he was in my arms. I wasn't in recovery 30 minutes and I was nursing him! 

2. Feed EVERY 2 Hours!
    - The BEST advice my Lactation Consultant gave me was to make him eat every 2 hours. Supply meets demand in this case, so the more the baby eats the more you make! Seems simple enough right! It can be tiring, trust me I know! But I honestly credit my great supply to this tip and one other thing (i'll mention in a bit!). If you find your little one gets tired after only 4 or 5 minutes (all that sucking is tiring, Mama!) strip them down, wake them up and make them suck! The first few times its ok, let them build up the ability to suck, but don't let them eat for 10 minutes one feeding and then only 5 the next… trend upward to a full 20 minutes (or more) per feeding! 

3. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream!
    - Use it EVERY time you feed. Just like your pain meds after surgery DO NOT GO WITHOUT IT! It's there to help you during your days of need. I'd say slather it on as thick as you can after EVERY feeding. It'll be your saving grace, and if you don't believe me go a single feeding without it! After about 2 weeks I found I didn't need it for every feeding, but I went through the tube from the hospital, 2 tubes I was given as baby shower gifts, and about 1/3 of another I purchased! (so stock up!)

4. Don't beat yourself up!
    -If for any reason, you cannot produce enough milk for baby, give them formula, but don't give up. Let them still feed from your breasts as much as possible. Keep in mind the higher the demand the bigger the supply… Keep them at your breast as much as possible and it'll happen. Just don't beat yourself up because the stress can affect your supply as well. There are things out there that can help you from simply food choices like flax seed, and oatmeal to prescription meds to produce milk, and EVERYTHING in between! 

    -I mentioned above I had another tip that I credit my success to and its this! Breast milk is like 90% water (what isn't right?) so it's important to drink LOTS of water to help boost your supply. I can honestly say that on days where i drink little to no water my production is WAY down compared to days where I drink an abundance of it! If you really detest water try mixing it with something you like. I can tell you soda doesn't work (LOL) BUT teas, juices, and flavorings are good to add! Add about 1/3 of the tea/juice of your choice and then 2/3 water. it'll give you enough flavor to not totally hate it, and the boost of water that you definitely need! Also try adding fruits/veggies like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries etc. These add natural flavor that takes away from the plain taste of the water! 

There are lots of other things that can help, but these Ive found are the most helpful tips I've been given in my 6 week endeavor! I am SO (SO SO SO SO SO) proud to say that my Boogie man has had Z-E-R-O formula in his 46 days of existence! Even though I am a first time mom, AND I ended up with a c section, I am proof that if you work hard you can succeed!!! 

Good luck Ladies!!
Boogie's Mama!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Breastfeeding support

  All moms new , old, formulafeeding, breastfeeding need support. Especially those new breastfeeding ones!
Remember when you were first starting out, and you thought "Am I doing this right?"  Or "How dare that hospital just release me with this new person. I don't even have my life together. How can I possibly take care of another human?!"  "Will  I ever stop looking pregnant?"
How nice would it be for some one, any one to tell you that you are doing ok?
    I remember the first time I ever NIP (Nursed In Public) I was scared some one would get mad at me, or that I would offend. (I still have these thoughts to this day.)
  This post was inspired by Facebook's nurse in today , but  mommies need respect every day. So if you  NIP or not , can we agree not to do any thing to bring the mom any stigma attached to breastfeeding?
   If a new mom is out and about and decides to feed her baby, and some one were to say something mean. That simple act can mess up her and the baby's breastfeeding relationship forever, if not destroy it completely!  I know my first time if some one said something, I was young and naive , and would have stoped completely!
   So please when ever you see a mom  (especially the new breastfeeding ones)  please go tell them "good job mama"  you can make their day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

J boy

So J boy is almost 4 weeks old and hasn't had a drop of formula! Being with him brings me back to those early days with E girl almost 9 years ago.
  I gave her formula and breast fed , I started this on day one . Any time brest feeding was inconvienient , or some one wanted to feed her . I'll admit I loved breastfeeding it was like our secret time in the world, but formula feeding was so freeing! I could give her to some one else and not worry.  Well 9 years later i get to see what the end result is. She is hyper and has reading issues. She has been held back in school and all sorts of fun stuff. Now I can't promise that if I had only breast fed her that she wouldn't have these issues, but I can swear I wouldn't be having these questions.
If you could give your baby something that is proven to make them 30% smarter , develop faster, have a stable  connection with their mother, less allergies  etc..... How much would you pay to give your child this? I bet you would pay as much as you could to give your child this gift, well nature gave it to you! And it is FREE!
Now with Jboy I have sworn to give him this for as long as I can , my ultimate goal is for 2 years or more. Now he may have behavior issues, and trouble reading, he may be held back in school or other issues, but i'll know that it could be 30% worse and that I gave him the best start I could.

Happy feeding,

Monday, January 14, 2013


When mommies are thinking about bfing or not the first questions tend to be " how will I know he is getting enough?"  even experienced  mothers some times have these doubts, I know I have !!!!
 the answer to this question and many like it is simple : Trust , trust your baby, trust your body, trust  that  women have been doing this for as long as humans have existed  and  almost all women can breastfeed ,  some do have supply issues , but that is only about 5% of the population in the world. Statistically you are not in that 5%!

Well how do i know that he is getting enough? Trust doesn't  say he is full.
No, but his dirty diapers do, you can't pee/poop out what isn't in your tummy, as long as  he is soiling diapers he is doing good!

Well I trust my body, but he acts hungry after a feeding, what do I do? 
Trust your self, but also ask your self is he hungry, or is he just soothing himself?  Are you taking him off the breast after a certain ammount of time? Or is he falling asleep too soon? 
Most babies fall asleep while nursing, but you need to try to keep the little guy awake.

Remember all mamals feed their young from the breast, they trust themselves please trust yourself. I have never heard a cat doubt themselves have you?

Happy feeding