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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Reasons/Ways Babies Consent to Breastfeeding

                   I wasn't going to even give  this person a thought in my head. Completely not worth my time , in fact don't follow the link. However some one said to me how it could affect a mom who is just starting out, and that made sense to me . So I decided to ask a baby  (The baby I asked  is probably mentally on the same level as her, and her "information" about germs, and highly scientific "poll"  conducted to students)
So take it away baby J
1. We do consent  have you ever googled  the breast crawl? Plus when I sleep next to mommy , I will attach my self and I am only 2 months old!

2. Boobs are warm and soft, and I can hear mommy's heart just like when I was in her tummy.  I have tried bottles, but they are nothing like mommy, the milk gets cold .

3.  If you can eat in a restaurant, why can't I ? I don't complain about your slurping, and chewing with your mouth open! Plus your teeth offend me, I don't have any

4.  Germs , Well lady there is no such thing as a germ, There are bacteria and viruses, spores, cells etc.. but not ONE THING named a germ,  But if you are talking about all those microscopic things,  the bacteria on mommy's breasts help my stomach flora form , and her milk kills all the bad stuff! Isn't that cool?  There are more bad bacteria and viruses  on the food you put in your mouth than the boob I put in mine, I have never once heard of a boob being recalled for E.coli  contamination .

5. Look at me or look at mommy we don't care , boobs are food and nothing to be ashamed of. Complement her new nursing bra, or nursing necklace , or ask her about FACTS on breastfeeding. We do it often enough , she knows allot and is proud of me. Plus if you ask her apparently her boobs never looked better!
Now this is embarrassing I got to go I peed my pants.....
Oh damn he decided not to link any of the research, but i guess that is ok she didn't support her's either.
Happy feeding


  1. Love it!!!! I trust baby J knows way more than that ignorant lady! :)

    1. Ignorant or needs a good booby buddy to talk to ;) possibly a hug.

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  3. First link is broken

  4. I read that article. My 27yr old brother says that he was breastfed. He isn't ashamed, because his mom tried to give him the best thing she could. She had to stop for medical reasons, but that's besides the point. He's proud to say he's a breastfed kid. My sister breastfed all six of her kids. Guess what? They're all proud to admit it, and the girls want to breastfeed their kids. And the boys said they want their significant others to do the same when the time comes. Some people are just ignorant when it comes to breastfeeding.

    1. Every one is allowed an opinion, if they wern't the world would be dull , haha but I do wish that she looked at both sides of the coin. I know many men willing to say they were breast fed.

  5. Cute, but you don't know how to spell consent.

    1. Yea, phones haven't caught up with just how illeterate i am yet :p but thank you !